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Keep Spokane Moving - 
Let’s Finish What We Started

For over 50 years, the Spokane community has talked about building a North-South freeway. Now, the first portion of that dream has become a reality, yet many of our citizens don’t even know about it. Or if they do, they don’t believe they will see the rest of it completed within their lifetime.


Keep Spokane Moving is a regional education and public relations campaign aimed at making sure that does not happen. By educating the public, generating enthusiasm and creating a "can-do" attitude about the project, we can show our elected officials and state leadership that the community supports this project and wants it finished.


Our biggest obstacle is funding. With over $1.6 billion in remaining project costs, including $35 million in "shovel ready" work, we must pursue every option available to secure those funds. This includes working with local, state and the federal government to ensure that this project is given priority status for our region. Additionally, our elected officials must carry the message back to Olympia and Washington D.C. that this is our road - our future - our priority.


We are asking you to join us in this effort. Here’s what you can do:


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North Spokane Corridor Receives $35 Million TIGER Grant

The Washington State Department of Transportation has been awarded $35 million to complete the southbound lanes from Farwell to Francis.


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